successful in junior sports

Federleicht Bikes have been used very successfully in racing for years

built for maximum driving pleasure

and perfect control even without contact with the ground

a very important factor for success

the perfect geometry, the low weight and the high quality make every driver faster

also suitable for the rough

with sturdy wheelsets, super grippy tires and more suspension travel on the safe side

Federleicht - thats why!



Federleicht Bike has been involved in the development of children's bikes and components since 2011. Federleicht Bike is the only manufacturer to offer self-developed components, such as cranksets, wheel sets, saddles or frames. These   are all far superior to the usual simple purchased parts from Far East in terms of quality, ergonomics and weight.

Already in 2013, we officially used the 29er-style (small frame/big wheels) for our bikes. The Federleicht bikes have been setting standards in agility and traction for years and also will set in the future.


Our Early Large Wheel System allows to drive larger wheels at an early stage without sacrificing handling and agility. For example, a Federleicht bike with 26" wheels is already suitable where other suppliers recommend 24" or even 20 "bikes.

That big wheels are able to roll better over obstacles than small ones have shown countless reports during the introduction phase of the 29er.


With the Perfect Fit Crank Set, Federleicht is the only manufacturer to offer cranksets from 120mm to 160mm in 10mm increments. The crank length in mm should only be slightly higher than the height of the driver in cm to promote a round pedal stroke and high cadence to avoid knee problems.

The modular system allows the use of   crank in (almost) all bottom bracket and frame standards.

Since 2018, our crank is also available in SL (Spiderless) version - compatible with SRAM (TM) Eagle (TM) Direct Mount chainrings as well as Absolute Black oval chainrings.


No other manufacturer develops and manufactures all of its own components in Austria; also the build of our wheelsets and the assembly of our bikes is done in Austria to 100%. The majority of the Federleicht frames is manufactured in the EU.

Customers benefit right from the start - short delivery times also for   bikes   with   special components, excellent service   over the entire life time of the bike, short response times for questions about the operation of the bike.

With a value added of 44% in Austria and 75% in the EU (Federleicht 26er excl. VAT), Federleicht Bike shows how the local economy can be strengthened.

From Bikers for Bikers

We are enthusiastic bikers who, out of conviction, develop and manufacture what is simply necessary in order to create nothing less than the lightest and fastest bikes for the young.

The entire team has many years of competition experience and is active in bike clubs as a trainer or instructor.

The children of Federleicht owner   Alexander Friedl have   been in the absolute top in Austria for years - thus in 2018 his elder son Anatol achieved first place in both the Austrian Championship and the Austria Youngsters Cup.