Perfect Start to AYC

In the Austria Youngsters Cup the first block of 3 races and a pump track competition is finished with a very pleasing intermediate result for Anatol, the older son of Federleicht owner Alexander Friedl.

Although we had hoped for the result, we couldn't expect it - quite different than in the perfect year 2018, where already the winter preparation went without a hitch, Anatol started the 2019 season with a training deficit.

In Langenlois Anatol started the racing season very motivated but affected by a cold. He showed in the first lap with a lead of 20s (at 4:30 lap time) what might still come, crashed in the second lap and then had to suffer 4 laps long for the exuberance in the first lap - finally he won with 1s advantage to Johannes Kosch.

On the technically demanding track in Haiming it largely went without problems - 17s lead at the end on Johannes Kosch.

In Lassnitzhöhe, Styria, pump-track driving was the order of the day - with a respectable 4th place Anatol left his rival Johannes Kosch behind. The XCO race was then again characterized by a beginning cold and a slip - in the penultimate lap Johannes Kosch and Anatol took the lead - on the climb of the last lap Anatol then took the lead by about 10s ... that in the end just 2.5s remained was due to the traffic jam in the meander shortly before the finish ...

Thus the first three  go into the break of several weeks as follows:

1. Anatol Friedl 270 points
2. Maks Barret Maunz 215 points
3. Johannes Kosch 212 points


Click here for Anatol's featherweight 27,5er Carbon RO Bike.

Here you can find the  lightweight components used by Johannes - 27,5er Carbon SL wheelset & Crank SL 150mm.

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