Candy Colors for all Aluminum-Bikes

Federleicht Bike expands the colour palette with the particularly attractive Candy colours. After 20 custom colors, (almost) all RAL colors and the neon colors there are now Candy colors to choose from.

Candy colours are characterized by their vividness, so they can shine brightly or appear quite dark depending on the viewing angle. The following colours are currently available:

+ Candy Red

+ Candy Orange

+ Candy Green

+ Candy Blue

+ Candy Chrome

+ Candy Gold

+ Candy Anthracite

+ Candy Purple will be handed over soon.

In contrast to opaque paints, Candy paints require a pretreatment of the surfaces, which makes the coating more complex.

Of course, our new Candy colours are again robust powder coatings, which are protected by an additional transparent layer and are therefore much more durable than Chinese wet paints!

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