Federleicht Onroad

Many parents are looking for suitable racing bikes for their children - but the situation is similar to mountain bikes - heavy racing bikes with cheap components and unsuitable geometry (crank length!) are the standard.

That's when we had the idea to equip the already perfectly fitting Federleicht bikes with road tires and thus bring the Federleicht quality, ergonomics and low weight to the road. In any case, it would also make sense to convert to our carbon rigid forks (if a suspension fork is installed).

This reduces the weight even further and the rolling resistance   is dramatically reduced.

The following conversions are possible:

Federleicht 24er           26" Roads LRS
Federleicht 26             28" (i.e. 29" MTB) LRS
Federleicht 27.5        28" (i.e. 29" MTB) LRS

The result is, for example, an uncompromising Federleicht 24er disc with the following advantages:

Weight 6,35kg
Federleicht crank 130mm
Perfect geometry

It goes without saying that the high-quality conversion is not more expensive than an entire racing bike (with all its compromises)...

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